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Conquer the ‘Enemy Mind’: A Time-Killer No More

The “enemy mind” can be the insidious killer of time, silently sabotaging our progress and potential for growth. When we succumb to procrastination, it becomes a breeding ground for excuses, causing minutes to slip away unnoticed, turning into hours, days, weeks, months, and eventually years. This slow erosion of time chips away at our vision and dreams until we find ourselves trapped in a life that feels foreign, wondering how we arrived at the age of 70 without achieving what we desired.

The consequences of postponing decisions and neglecting commitments extend far beyond our goals; they impact our overall health, spirit, and the well-being of our families. It is crucial not to allow the “enemy mind” to play the long game with us. We must create a solid plan and steadfastly honour it, placing our health and commitments above all else. By dedicating ourselves to this path, we gain the respect and admiration of those around us, as they see the unwavering discipline we exhibit.

There’s a saying that one of my mentors said to me years ago and I will never forget. ” It’s my world and everyone else just lives in it”. I didn’t understand it at first but now I do.

If you allow the things in this world to control your decisions, and the commitments that you make, you are now living in other peoples world. That’s a problem…. Choose your world, and you’ll win.

Author: Ray Lewis